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Luciana Villas Boas, Anna Luiza Cardoso & Miguel Sader make up LVB & Co as its partners and agents. LVB & Co was founded in 2012 under a different name by Ms. Villas Boas, just off a two-decade stint as Grupo Record’s publisher; then, in November of the same year, the agency welcomed Ms. Cardoso with her double degree in Literature and Law. Mr. Sader joined them full time in 2017, having worked as an International Relations intern at LVB & Co in 2013.

LVB & Co’s mark as a literary agency is its tireless quest for market visibility, relationship-building, and respectful publishing deals for both its Brazilian and international clients. As 2024 approaches, the agency holds 57 Brazilian authors in its portfolio, representing them on both Brazilian and international markets, and negotiating the screen rights to their books with producers, distributors, exhibitors, and streaming platforms all over the world. Movie and series deals are in the house of hundreds. LVB & Co’s portfolio of international publishing houses and agencies comprises 42 European, American, and Canadian clients who wish to sell book rights on the Brazilian and European Portuguese markets.

The better part of LVB & Co’s represented Brazilian authors’ work is fiction, of every kind: literary and commercial, YA and children’s, but always original, compelling work in its own right. The agency also brings outstanding non-fiction work to the table — biographies, journalism, essays, and personal growth books.

Among the international agencies represented by LVB & Co on the Brazilian translated literature market, many manage several catalogs with hundreds of titles each, which are joined by the vast catalogs of some American and European publishing houses. This means that, at any given time, our agency is involved with thousands of books at once. It’s literature as the most mysterious of Arts — as infinite, plentiful, and challenging as the universe itself.

Thanks to its partnership with 12 first-tier international agencies, each acting on its own language territory, LVB & Co has closed hundreds of deals for translating Brazilian works into English, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Polish, Hungarian, Norwegian, Finnish, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, and Hebrew. LVB & Co has independently earned contracts for translating Brazilian books into German and adapting them to European Portuguese. Through LVB’s agents painstaking work, Brazilian books have been translated into remote languages such as Lithuanian, Galician, Serbian, Croatian, Macedonian, and Albanian.

Luciana’s inspiration and support as she started her literary agency was faithful Nelson Villas Boas, the Wheaten Terrier dog shown here in Christmas 2023 on Miguel’s lap. About to turn 15, equal to a 90-year-old in human years, Nelson has been preparing for retirement since the pandemic, looking to be completely off his duties and start enjoying life in 2024; as always, he will be leaving everything tidy behind him, of course. Today, LVB & Co relies on the precious cooperation of Yasmin Ribeiro, our assistant, and Emily Torres, as our admin intern.


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Founder & Director


Anna Luiza Cardoso

Partner & Agent


Miguel Sader

Partner & Agent


Yasmin Ribeiro



Emily Torres



LVB & Co. represents fiction and non-fiction authors to Brazilian publishers, the international book market and to Film/TV/Theater adaptation.

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We also represent catalogs of international publishers and agencies into Brazil.


As literary agents, our primary goal is to maximize the value of books and the literary professions in the dynamic and ever-changing Brazilian market.


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